Little Ballerina

Having a girl that is a dancer in a lot of fun, especially since I have three boys that are very much…boys. My daughter has been growing like crazy and now all of her dancewear is on the smaller side and it is time to update.

I am telling you that dancegear in Sweden in not cheap and I used to buy most of her items from China, but now the Swedish postalservice has decided to add a fee of about $20 per package you order from there and that is on top of shipping! Greedy much?


Anyway, I am the finder of solutions and I have found another place to buy her dancegear for less than in Swedish stores and even with shipping I get more bang for my buck then if I would be buying it here. How cool is that?

So my gift to you (if you have a little ballerina at home) are these links with affordable and supercute dancewear from Worldwide and sometimes even free shipping.

I have allready looked up some of the best deals, so what can I say except “you´re welcome”.

This post contains affiliate links. 

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