Long time no see

So I have officially quit my job and started a new one. I loved my job i had but this new place made me an offer I could’nt refuse so here I am! Must say they have awesome staff there and I really like working with all of them.

I also have upped my game at working out. Move that junk in the trunk girl.

Also took my son to visit his new class. He did so good and I just love Being a mom to all my babies ❀️ on a side note, How tan have I got in 3 days? Sweden is being kind to us this week, I’ll order 3 More months of that! β˜€οΈ

Grandma style

So, I finally gave in yesterday after lunch I decided to go home and rest. The blizzard just kept going and sadly the trains home, did not. Just my luck. I got home after a never ending journey of waiting, freezing, did I mention it is 10 F (-12 celcius) outside and a storm so I felt like finding a dead animal I could gut and crawl inside to find heat. #starwars #dicaprio

I did not find any animal so I had to freeze until I got home. Gotta love public transportion in Sweden…

So I got home and after digging my way thru the glaciar that was once my driveway and I realized that no car could park here. The town is’nt big enoug for both of us. One had to go and it was not me. So with a fever in my body I would have attacked this dispickable natural disaster called Snow with some sucsess, if not my darling children had played with the shovel somewhere outside before they left home for a week. The shovel was gone after all so I took a spade and started working. I felt like I was digging myself out of Alcatraz with a plastic disposable spoon… needless to say I gave up and went in to slip in to something More comfortable.

Don’t how it always is that as soon as I get sick, I age 45 years and I end up looking like I just got lost from a nursing home. My face melts in to a sad mess, my hair is a disaster and my clothes are just so sad. But comfort is key while in bed right?

I can not be the only one?

Monday Monday

I woke up at 5am today feeling pretty pumped about getting to work early and get things done. Got there after taking a wrong turn (having a blonde moment maybe or just goldfish brains?) and ending up walking 10 minutes extra in the blizzard that hit Stockholm last night. It was freaken freezing and after a couple of hours I started to feel a little feverish and after 7 hours I decided to call it a day and go home.

I promised myself to go home and rest and you who know me know I do not do well doing nothing so I decided to only, ONLY go find the box with my jeans in them. I still have not found the box and I am stuck with the jeans I have.

However, I did end up finding all my summerdresses so I am set for June (yay….) and my favourite pair of ugly, but oh so comfortable pink leopard sweatpants that are now about 8 sizes to big but I will never let them go. I love them more then Rose loves Jack, so not letting go.

What are your wardrobe ugly favorite? I know I can not be the only one…

That said I am off to bed with NyQuill and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Awesome exam results

So I found out I got a 71 out of 72 on my last exam. Feels pretty darn good! Things are going my way for sure! Good vibes attract good things and good vibes attract good people and hard work pays of.

I am very grateful to my fellow student ladies who helps me throu hard times.

I am also very grateful for my Wood stove that allowed me to heat the top floor to wonderful, tropic heat this morning and grateful for the ledge by my stairs that I get to experiment my decor on.

Any ideas? It is partly within teach of toddlers so that part is tricky.

Any thoughts?

Reuse futniture

In out new house we found this old bench from a school. I just knew I had to keep it and I decided it got to be toystorage for my little boys. I love the way it looks all old and used. It gives the room a retro feel.

Not only is it cute it is reused. Love recykled items. Not sure if I should give it a bit of a makeover or leave it as it is.

What do you think?

Crazy day

Had a good start at the Office and it is going to be fun.

After that it was straight to dress rehersal for Moana tomorrow. It took forever and I was so sad my little boys were ready for bed when I came home. πŸ’”

It is the worst part, being away from the kids. No love in the world can come close to that kind of love. They get to see a show tomorrow and Then spend time with mommy. πŸ’—πŸ’“


After two long days of moving we finally get to sit down and rest a little. We lit a fire and just enjoy a little down time in the mess that is out new home and I have decided that I will never, ever move again. I say like Bruce Willis – I am to old for this πŸ’©.

Weeks of organizing and months of repainting and work lies a head but for now, I am glad if I make it thru the coming week alive.

Now I am going to grill marshmellows with the kids and Then put us all to bed.