Pack, steal or borrow

Good morning lovelies! Monays are one of my favourite days. Why? Routines maybe. However there is a serious lack of routines when you are less than 2 weeks from moving houses. The house is a mess and it drives me crazy.

Went to Lidl to pick up some boxes to pack in since we are using a lot more boxes than we planned. Shocker right?! 😛

I also pack everything in the way I want them to be in the new house i.e not just shoving things in to boxes, but planning what goes in what box and what room the box is going in. I color code all the boxes so that come movingday, it is going to be easier knowing what goes where and what is in the boxes.

That also includes not packing any clothes or seasonal clothing that is dirty. So I am currently washing the kids rainsets so I can pack them as I am trying to get some studying done too. Busy bee here!

And I finally got myself a new hat. My darling daughter borrowed the one I decided to buy after years of trying to justify the price. And now it is nowhere to be found. Unless it shows up while moving, I guess I am not the only one who wanted that beanie… It really ticks me off when the childrens clothes get stolen in school. It would not be the first time. Last year my sons winter jacket got stolen and I got furious! How can a parent not notice if their kids come home with a “new” jacket or any kind of clothing labeled with another childs name and phonenumber? And if they do notice, why will they keep it and not bring it back? Any good answers to that?

My daughter and her friends got in the habit of borroing eachothers shoes and jackets after school and I quickly put an end to that since it is a conflict bound to happend. So did I notice her “new” shoes? Yes! Did we return them and got hers back? Heck yes… ok, getting sidetracked here…  I really like my new one. Lets hope I get to keep it.


Behold the mess… And yes… the tree is still up.


Never move dirty clothes. The last thing you want is to start of washing everything in your new house.


Keeping a White sink White

I love white. It is the most usefull and pretty color when it somes to homedecor and all thinks pretty. So when we renovated our kitchen 2 years ago I chose a white composite sink from IKEA. It sure looks pretty. For about 30 seconds if you have children and if you actually use it.

Every single day I would scrub and sweat and swear (?) trying to clean this darn thing and still it would not be white, the closest I came was a greyish white with scuffmarks. Suck that…

But after a little reasearch I found a lot of people talking about the magic erasers, sponges that is supposed to remover all things from crayon on the walls, to crazy exes… or maybe not the latter, but most things. And if you like my cool Batman earrings I will link a similar pair in this post.


Watch video here.


So I got me som magic and went to town and darn me it worked like a charm! Just wash your sink like you normally would and remove the rest with the magic sponge. Love it! I can not belive that my sink is this clean with for little monsters (love them, but they are little monsters when it comes to cleaning) living with me.


Two years of hardcore use and it still looks this fresh. Sweet.


If you live in a place where you can´t  find them in a store, just get them on Amazon. It will save your life 😉