The Boxer

I am the boxer… I am boxing everything in sight. Luckily my kids have managed to stay out of being boxed in but we´ll se about that. The house is a freaking mess and it is really getting on my nerves. But trying to see things on the bright side, I don´t have to clean this house after the move. A cleaning company is doing that for us. Thank you very much!

All the boxes upstairs are color coded so that we know what goes where but all the boxes in the downstairs room is not color coordinated yet so that is my job today after I finish up my schoolwork for today.

Can you belive there is a window back there? This room is filled to the brink soon and so is my patiens. I am so glad the new house have so much storage room we can put all boxes in there so we don’t have to have boxes all over the place while unpacking.


Since we are finally on the last week in the old house I felt it ok to bag all my clothing on hangers. Why waste boxes on things you can move from one rack to another?

Hm… I see a disturbing lack of pink in my wardrobe. I´ll have to fix that when spring comes.



Keeping a White sink White

I love white. It is the most usefull and pretty color when it somes to homedecor and all thinks pretty. So when we renovated our kitchen 2 years ago I chose a white composite sink from IKEA. It sure looks pretty. For about 30 seconds if you have children and if you actually use it.

Every single day I would scrub and sweat and swear (?) trying to clean this darn thing and still it would not be white, the closest I came was a greyish white with scuffmarks. Suck that…

But after a little reasearch I found a lot of people talking about the magic erasers, sponges that is supposed to remover all things from crayon on the walls, to crazy exes… or maybe not the latter, but most things. And if you like my cool Batman earrings I will link a similar pair in this post.


Watch video here.


So I got me som magic and went to town and darn me it worked like a charm! Just wash your sink like you normally would and remove the rest with the magic sponge. Love it! I can not belive that my sink is this clean with for little monsters (love them, but they are little monsters when it comes to cleaning) living with me.


Two years of hardcore use and it still looks this fresh. Sweet.


If you live in a place where you can´t  find them in a store, just get them on Amazon. It will save your life 😉